As DLG Fuarcilik Ltd. Sti, is the Turkish subsidiary of DLG International Gmbh, and organizes open air field exhbitions in Turkey. Tomato Days Turkey 2022 is a brand new show which will be held on 27th -29th July in Karacabey, Bursa city in South of Marmara region. Tomato Days Turkey is an exhibition dedicated to whole tomato chain, and it is the first and only show specialised for tomato in Turkey. 

     Tomato Days Turkey aims to bring tomato product chain together farm to fork. Exhibiton gives opportunities and practical application of your latest technologies  with a large-scale practical demonstration to the farmers all over the Turkey.

     Turkey is the third largest tomato producers in the world with 12,8 million t in 2019. 10 Municipalties become prominent with tomato production in Turkey, Bursa, Karacabey holds second position with its high volume of tomato production. Bursa is a hub of tomato paste factories, especially in the Karacabey region. Soil and climate conditions are suitable for tomato growing, it receives sufficient amount of rain for crop production and have a well soil structure. Farmers called early adopter, accommodate to technology and innovations quickly.


Specialised exhibition for Tomato Production in Turkey

27 - 29 July 2022 Karacabey Bursa

Another brand new concept specialised to the Tomato industry from DLG Fuarcılık, which introduced Turkey to open field applied agriculture fairs; TOMATO DAYS TURKEY !

In recent years, among the vegetables grown in Turkey, with a production of over 13 million tons, tomato is the most produced and it takes the first place in vegetable production by making up 42% of the vegetable production alone.

Turkey, which ranks third after China and India among the countries with the highest tomato production in the world, is at a strategic point that is much more advantageous than other countries in terms of production and export.

We will bring together all kinds of tomatoes that can be grown in open fields, greenhouses and soilless agricultural areas where it is produced, and we will be with you with an organization that includes all the inputs of the tomato sector from farm to the fork and the processing processes.

TOMATO DAYS TURKEY, the first and only  fair dedicated for tomato production in Turkey, will bring together the producers in Turkey and the tomato importing countries in Middle East,  in Bursa, Karacabey on 27-29 July 2022...



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